Doctor Blessing is NOT currently accepting new patients.

Existing patients, please read the following:


As of September 1st, 2019 I will have officially moved to Iowa.  While I am not accepting new patients, I will continue to be able to order labs and be available by phone or video consult for already established patients.  

Here are some changes that will be taking place as of September 1st as well:  

  1. My availability will be limited from 9:00am-12:00pm on Saturdays and 1:00pm-4:00pm on Sundays.  
  2. All appointments must now be prepaid *Please remember to use the online scheduler (not phone or email) for all of your scheduling purposes.*
  3. Labs through Quest Diagnostics are now required to be pre-paid the day of ordering. 
  4. Supplements can now be ordered by signing up to use my online portal through this link:  

— While I can still offer a discounted price using the online portal, it may not be as discounted as I was able to offer before.  This link is only meant for established patients to order supplements that we have previously discussed.  If you order outside of what I have recommended, I am not liable for the outcome

*For more instructions on how to order supplements please visit the Ordering Supplements page. 

Golden Flower and Apex Energetics products will still need to be ordered manually through me as they do not sell to non-practitioners.  

— Orders for these products will be made on the 1st of the month so please plan accordingly. 

— Orders will need to be prepaid through Square online invoicing before an order is made. 


The following items are not new changes but will be more strongly reinforced to ensure organization and efficiency and thereby ensuring safe, quality care. 


  1. Questions regarding your health cannot/will not be answered over email or non-appointment phone calls for liability purposes.  Please schedule an appointment.  
  2. I cannot order labs without having a check-in prior to ordering.  If I order labs based off of a conversation we had 3 months ago or just based off of your last labs results, I may miss information that would change my order.
  3. Please, please remember that I have made short, affordable appointments available to you so that we can both stay organized.  Sending me quick questions over email or calling, hoping to catch me between patients may seem convenient and harmless but when your questions are not pre-discussed or  pre-scheduled, I do not have your file in front of me. I want to answer all of your questions safely and without having your file, I cannot do this. Please be sure to schedule an appointment.    
  4. I will not respond to text messages.  



Dr. Allison Blessing, DC