What is Functional Medicine?

Dr. Allison Blessing specializes in a branch of healthcare known as “Functional Medicine.” This approach entails a therapeutic partnership between doctor and patient in which the doctor listens to the patient’s health concerns while exploring all of the factors (genetics, medications, diet, environment, exercise, stress, etc) that could be contributing to the complex illness that has potentially taken years to develop.

After a thorough history is taken of each unique health concern, the doctor and patient work together to co-create a plan for healing.  While the treatment of a patient’s symptoms remains important to a functional medicine practitioner, their true interest lies in finding the source of the problem.  This is possible through the in-depth health histories provided by the patients, the doctor’s extensive nutritional knowledge, and the necessary lab work that one can expect to receive at a functional medicine facility.

Dr. Blessing is excited to add her knowledge and expertise to the Functional Medicine community in the Omaha, Nebraska area. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please click on the “contact” section to send her an email.


Dr. Allison Blessing, DC